BGA IC Soldering Technology


Ball Diameter

After reflow, for inspection of the PAD side of the expansion standard BGA, give an angle and rotate it.
Quantitative instrumentation S/W is not necessary but useful.
Process trend can be inferred from the trend of quantitative measurement values.

Insufficient/Nneven Heating

When repaired, an ice-heating plate on the back of the BGA of multi-layer PCB and double-sided PCB (defective design)
→ Cause Insufficient/Uneven Heating, Misalignment
[Chart] Repair Process Temperature Profiles for FR 4 Material
Profile Topic Temperature Range Time Range
Flux Activation 100° - 110° C Not to exceed 120° C N/A
Flux Activation 120° to 150° C 30 to 120 seconds
Component Ramp Rate 2° to 4° C per second -
Reflow Dwell time Aboce 183° C 30 to 90 seconds
Solder joint Temp. Reak 200° to 220° C -
Component Max Temp 230° C 60 seconds
Board Temperature Above 150° C Not to exceed four minutes
[Chart] Repair Process Temperature Profiles for FR 4 Material
Reflow Profile
Note : Poor soldering terminology
Note : Poor soldering terminology
soldering defective term standard terms
Soldering Solder oint KS Korean Standard
Short Solder Bridging JIS Japan Industries Standard
cold delivery Cold Solder ANS American National Standard
Non-payment(insufficient) Insufficient Solder/td> IPC The Institude For Interconnection And Packaging
No Lead No Solder JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council
overpayment Excessive Solder EIA Electronic Industires Association
Misap (uninstalled) Non Mounting MIL Military Specification And Standard
Ossap (O-Fitted) Wrong Mounting
Reverse shovel (reverse mounting) Reverse Mounting
lead crack Solder Crack
Part Crack Component Crack
solder ball Solder Balls
wetting defect Non-Wetting
stand up Tombstoning(Manhattan)
Bad Missing Alignment
Excitement Bent Lead
Flip Upside Down
Foreign object(contamination) Contamin ated Solder
a bubble/pinhole Void / Pin Holes
Icicle Icicles / Protrusions
The above terms are organized by type of defect in a soldering Workmanship Stanards called Martin Matieta,
and "Misab, Misap, Reverse, Flip" refers to Display's English version of the work standard.
(For example, a labyrinth is expressed as a Non Insertion by Display.)