Personnel policy

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XAVIS Co., Ltd. has taken a leading role in X-ray scanners and manufacturing facilities with a future-oriented belief in the ever-changing market.

XAVIS type of talent

XAVIS is pursuing a talent award that places 'belief, harmony, supreme spirit, and master spirit in three key values.

Faith and Harmony, supreme spirit, Master spirit

Faith and Harmony

  • Creating a harmonious company culture as mutual trust and faithfulness among the employees of the XAVIS.
  • To pursue a stable job and personal life by promoting the development and development of individual abilities.

Supreme spirit

  • Constantly develop and create the best company in the world.
  • To cultivate creative talent by constantly thinking and challenging.

Master spirit

  • Cultivate a good and humble sense of ownership to strengthen internal solidarity.
  • Promote the development of the company and individuals.