Company History

  Jun 2016 Selected as a first level of Global Hidden Champions by SMBA
  Nov 2015 Listed in KONEX
  Apr 2014 Awarded a commendation award by the Ministry of Science and Technology
Feb 2014 Selected as a IP Star company by the Gyeonggi Knowledge Asset Center
  Oct 2012 Designated as a KOTRA Global Brand Blue Brand
Jul 2012 FCC, FDA certificate
Jun 2012 Re-designated as a promising small to medium exporter
  Oct 2011 Awarded the Minister’s Prize in the 12th annual packaging equipment by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Aug 2011 Won a contract for high-precision development equipment for Samsung Electronics
Mar 2011 Introduced the FSCAN.2500PHZ
  Nov 2010 Awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower
May 2010 Patents applied for 4 equipment pieces, including the high speed chip CT inspection equipment
  Sep 2009 Patent applied for the x-ray inspection equipment
May 2009 Re-certified as an Innobiz company
Jan 2009 Selected as a Star Company in Seongnam
  Oct 2008 Received a commendation as an excellent small to medium company in Gyeonggido
Sep 2008 Selected as Gyeonggido’s promising small to medium company
Jun 2008 Selected as a Promising Small to Medium Exporter
  Nov 2007 Designated as an Industry Family Company (Korea Polytechnic University)
Oct 2007 Awarded the Minister’s Awards by the Ministry of Science and Technology (National Industry Development category)
  Sep 2006 Awarded the Grand prize in the Seongnam Small to Medium Venture Company Awards (City of Seongnam)
Jun 2006 Designated as a blue-chip (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
  Apr 2005 CE certified
  Sep 2004 Certified as a Frontier company
Sep 2004 Introduced Korea’s first industrial CT scan equipment
  Sep 2003 Certified ISO9001 & KS A9001
Nov 2003 Designated as a venture company
Dec 2003 Designated as a technology pilot company (the Small and Medium Industry Bank)
Jul 2003 Selected as a technology innovation business by the Small and Medium Industry Bank
  April 2002 Xavis Co., Ltd. established
July 2002 Selected as the encouraging business for new technology start-ups