CEO Kim Hyung-chul
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XAVIS Co., Ltd. has taken a leading role in X-ray scanners and manufacturing facilities with a future-oriented belief in the ever-changing market.

The world is increasingly pursuing high-quality and high-quality products, especially in Korea, with the enactment of the Product Liability-Manufacture Responsibility Act. XAVIS will respond with the best quality and best service with the technology and know-how accumulated over the past decade or so of X-ray tester development.

In the future, XAVIS will become the world's leading technology leader as a pioneer in X-ray scanners and automation machines. In addition, we will continue to develop technologies through rational and transparent management to become a top-notch company by securing world-class technology.

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Purpose of establishment

XAVIS stands for X-ray Automatic Vision Inspection System, a company founded by developers
with years of experience in developing X-ray, Machine Vision, and factory automation (FA) equipment.
By automating the inspection and assembly process for your difficulties, we would like to
improve your quality, secure quality stability, and reduce labor costs.

Core retention technology

Major inspection technology

Fast Nano
CT Inspection

AI Inspection

Realtime hybrid
inline inspection

Major business sector

  • Development and Production Automatic X-ray Inspection Equipment
  • Development of Inspection Automation Equipment and System Using X-Ray in All Industrial Manufacturing and Processes
    - All industries related to semiconductors, LEDs, PCBs, mobile phones, LCDs, batteries, automobiles, etc.
    - Solution : CT & 3D, NANO, 2D automatic examination, 3D automatic examination through CT
  • Development of Vision System and S/W for Factory Automation (FA) Equipment
  • Development of System Operation S/W for Factory Automation (FA) Equipment
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Management ideology

Through automation technology,
workers shall enjoy a happy life
and contribute to the welfare of mankind
by providing beneficial management
conditions for employers.