• Material Parts Root Industry Development Industry Medal of Merit
    (Steel Tower Order of Industrial Merit) Awarded by the Merit of Merit
  • Strategic Alliance Agreement with Japan's RICOH Group
  • IBK Merge with Acquisition and Purpose Corporation No. 5
  • KOSDAQ Transfer Listing
  • Top Award for $5 million in exports Development of the
  • Semiconductor Package X-ray Inspectors (XSCAN-9860A)
  • Foundation of Subsidiary (Javis Optics)
  • ISO9001:2015 Certified
  • IBK Best Champion Recognition (IBK Investment & Securities)
  • Establishment of a Joint Venture Company (Yontai, China)
  • BMS SMT Board approval (Porsche)
  • LG & Apple Ultra-Small Cylindrical Cell for Wireless Earphones Supply X-Ray Inspectors (3 In-Line, 9 Off-Line)
  • ATC Task Selection (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • Re-selection of Industrial Convergence Leading Companies
  • Selected as a Global Small and Medium
  • Top Award for $3 million in exports
  • Selection of IP Star Companies by Gyeonggi Intellectual Property Center
  • Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award 1
  • Development and Delivery of Ultra-Small Cylindrical Battery Inspectors (LG Chemical)
  • Development of Meat Processing (Beef/Chicken) Bone/Foreign Material Inspection Machine
  • Development of Automatic Setting Function (Smartruning) in 2014
  • Fish Bone Inspection Device Development
  • Selected as leading industrial convergence company
  • Total Solution Supply from EV Battery Line 2013 (J/R and Cell Internal Inspection)
  • Development of Low Density Food and Water Inspection Device using X-ray 2013
  • Development of Food and Water Inspection System Using Dual Energy in 2013
  • Entering the 2013 FPCB X-ray field
  • Re-certification of Innobis Enterprises
  • Re-selection of small and medium-sized enterprises with promising exports
  • FCC, FDA Certified [FSCAN-2080, 3280, 6200, 4500D, 2500PH(Z)]
  • KOTRA Global Brand Blue Brand Selection
  • Memory Semiconductor Chip, High-Precision Inline Inspectors Launch and Delivery (Samsung Electronics)
  • FSCAN-2500PHZ Equipment Launch
  • Registration as a Chinese Corporation (Beijing)
  • Samsung Electronics orders for high-precision development
  • Winning the 12th Minister of Knowledge Economy Award for Packaging Machinery Awards
  • UL Certification
  • High Speed Chip Citi Inspection Device and Other Patents Pending
  • Re-Selection of Export Prospect Small and Medium Business Designation
  • $1 million Export Tower Award
  • Development of battery X-ray inspection device (patent registration)
  • Selected as a Star Company in Seongnam City
  • Re-certification of Innobis Enterprises
  • Patent Registration for X-ray Inspection Device
  • ISO 9001 : 2008 Re-certification
  • Patent registration of X-ray inspection device for plate shape pad
  • Re-certification of Venture Business Verification
  • Parts. Material Specialized Company Confirmation Letter
  • Selection of designated small and medium-sized enterprises with export prospects
  • Selected as a promising small and medium-sized enterprise in Gyeonggi-do Province
  • Awarded by Gyeonggi Province Governor of Outstanding Small and Medium Venture Companies
  • Development of 80ppm Inspectors for Prismatic Batteries
  • Minister of Science and Technology Award (National Industrial Development)
  • Designated as an Industrial Family Company (Korea University of Industrial Technology)
  • Development and delivery of nano-resolution X-ray inspectors for the first time in Korea (Xscan-7120CART)
  • Development of a Prismatic x-ray Inspection Device for Prismatic Batteries (Xscan-7090B)
  • Inobiz Company Named (Small and Medium Business Administration No. 6061-0509)
  • Selection of blue-chip technology companies (Technical Credit Guarantee Fund No. 4073)
  • Grand Prize for Seongnam Small and Medium Venture Company (Seongnam City)
  • CE Certification
  • Xscan-6000CT (Fixed X-ray Inspection Equipment)
  • Xscan-3080 (Fixed X-ray Inspection Equipment)
  • Selection of Small and Medium Business Technology Innovation Project
  • Korea's first industrial tomography (CT) equipment release
  • Frontier Company Certification
  • Promoted to Corporate Affiliated Laboratory (Korea's first, three-dimensional X-ray laboratory)
  • Fscan-4000 (High Performance Foreign Substance Inspector)
  • Fscan-6000 (High Performance Foreign Substance Inspector)
  • ISO9001&KS A9001 Certified (K2003-089)
  • Designated as a Venture Company (031627035-1-934)
  • Selection of Technology Development Pilot Companies (Small and Medium Business Bank)
  • Fscan-3000 (High Performance Foreign Substance Inspector)
  • SVX-090A (Fixed X-ray Inspection Equipment)
  • Established Xarvis Co., Ltd.
  • Selection of new technology start-up childcare projects